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Visitor Registration System (QR Codes)

  • Pre-registered visitors will receive QR Codes issued by respective Colleges / Faculties / Units using an online template developed by the University.
  • These QR Codes are person specific and valid only for the date specified by the issuing Colleges / Faculties / Units.
  • Visitors should present their QR Codes for validation (as well as HKIDs for verification of identity if necessary) at campus entry points in order to gain entry in campus.


To use the VRS to issue the QR Codes

Step 1: You need to ask the VRS administrator of your department to create an account for you. If you’re the first person to use the system, you need your department head’s nomination or complete the
[Admin Nomination Form]

Step 2: Login the VRS [Login URL]

Step 3: Create an event [Video]

Step 4: Add visitors to the event

  • Add the visitors one by one [Video]
  • Add the visitors by batch [Video]

Step 5: Send the QR codes to the visitors by email [Video]

When the visitors receive the QR code emails, they can either print the QR codes out, or keep them in their mobile devices. 

Other operations:

  • Check the visitor logs of an event [Video]
  • Edit and delete an event [Video] 
  • Check the past events [Video]

For Department Administrators only:

  • Create a department user [Video]
  • Edit a department user [Video]


User Guides

You can refer to the VRS User Guides to understand all the details of the VRS