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Application Forms for 2023-24 CUHK Parking Labels (29 Sep 2023)

‘Fee-charging Arrangements for Campus Parking’ - Staff Parking Labels (22 Sep 2023)

Annual University Parking Labels Renewal Exercise (Postponement to October 2023) (11 Aug 2023)

No Shared-Bikes on Campus (11 Aug 2023)

2023-24 Limited Time Free Parking Coupons for Visitors of Departments / Residents (11 Aug 2023)

2023-24 Postgraduate / Part-time Student Prepaid Parking Coupons (11 Aug 2023)

Consolidated Circular on General Arrangements for Typhoons and Black Rainstorm Warning Signals (Aug 2023)

CUHK Campus (First 30 Minutes’ Grace Period of Free Parking) Revised Terms (23 Jun 2023)

User Guideline on Visitor Registration System (QR Code)

Campus Visit Application Form (Group Visitors)

Template for Temporary Campus Admission Card (Short-term Courses)

Implementation of Campus Access Control Measures (20 Nov 2019) 

Enhancement Measures for Campus Safety and Traffic Management (Use of CCTVs) (May 2019)

Guidelines on the Use of CCTV System (For CUHK Internal Use)

Template for CCTV Record Journal (For CUHK Internal Use)

CUHK Unmanned Aerial Systems - Operation Guidelines / Map & Application for Permission (Oct 2018)

Precautionary Measures Upon Encountering with Wild Pigs on Campus

Redemption Arrangements for CUHK Alumni Credit Card’s 4-Hrs Free Parking Benefit (Jan 2018)

Provisions on Use of CUHK’s E-Charge Facilities (Nov 2017) (Download Application Form)

Beware of Telephone Deceptions (Reminder)

Anti-Telephone Frauds (Educational Video)

Demonstration on Correct Way of Affixing RFID Tag to Vehicle Windscreen (Oct 2014 )

Campus Regulations